Through our blog we are willing to hand over advices and experience we gained by working at Asgard and inform you about news in our company. Below you will also find stories about our adventures and how we keep our skills fresh.


The glacier hike was the highlight of my trip to Iceland this month. 
I teamed up with Asgard Beyond to take me on this amazing adventure in the South of Iceland.

5 FAQ before Glacier Hiking

Are you going glacier hiking or ice climbing for the first time? Then you are probably wondering how to prepare for this great day out. Here are answers to the most common questions we get from our guests. 

October newsletter: Ski Touring in Iceland is like no other

Have you ever skied down a volcano?
With a view over the ocean?

8 tips for Northern lights hunting

It is thanks to the weaker magnetic field around the poles, that electrically charged particles from the sun can enter the earth's atmosphere here. But you don´t need to understand the physical part of it, to enjoy amazing Northern lights show in Iceland!

September news

The most important business-to-business trade show in the North Atlantic region is taking place from 4th to 6th of October 2016 and Asgard Beyond is going to be part of it! 

Post-summer news from Asgard

New cars, award nominee and Greenland trip.
Check out what has been going on this summer at Asgard!

Czech on ice: first glacier hiking

I woke up to a bright day, such as was forecasted. Finally! I have been in Iceland for exactly a week and this is the first morning that sun tickled my face while getting up.

Education Vacation

Once again we find ourselves in flying overseas in search of greater knowledge. The whole purpose of our trip was to study the complex science of avalanches with the Canadian Avalanche Association (CAA) and finish our Avalanche Operations Level 2.