Ice climbing and glacier hiking

Ice climbing and glacier hiking

Ice Climbing Iceland

The ever-changing glacier has spectacular scenery and perfect locations for a day out ice climbing. In a group of only 4 guests accompanied by a certified local guide, you get the chance to enjoy your level of ice climbing, from easy first attempts to harder steep walls. Since the day tour is focused on climbing, the group walks towards a suitable climbing location with exciting stops on the way. A perfect mix of walking and climbing.


See the program of your trip:

  • At 10:45 we we will meet at Sólheimajökull outlet glacier parking lot. We gear up at the parking lot and start the hike to the glacier.
  • We work our way through the crevassed world of ice until we find a decent spot for climbing. During the ice climbing session, you will learn the basic movement of ice climbing receiving feedback to improve your skills. We can explore different locations during the day so you have the opportunity to try out different levels of difficulty.
  • Between climbing sessions, our guide will introduce you properly the glacial wonder world. 
  • After about 3,5 to 4 hours on the ice, we make our way back to the parking lot. 

Meet us at the location! Join us at Sólheimajökull parking lot (Road#221) at 10:45 for the tour. Trip duration: 5-6 hours (round trip from the parking lot at Sólheimajökull).

"You get what you pay for – a highly knowledgeable and experienced guide who provides you with an amazing experience, and a company that uses top-notch new equipment."

-Mike, February 2016, TripAdvisor

Trip Details
Pickup Time: 



3-4 Hours

All Year
Guest to Guide Ratio: 


Skills Requirement: 

Suitable for everyone

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Certified guide.

Mountaineering boots if needed.

Technical glacier equipment.

Not Included

Personal outdoor clothing.


Small backpack.