Professional and Recreational training courses in Iceland

Asgard Beyond is the leading provider of both professional and recreational training in the Icelandic adventure industry. All of Asgard guides have been directly involved in the development of professional training and curriculum development for schools and universities in Iceland, accumulating decades of hands-on experience and qualifications in delivering a variety of courses for professional guides, tour operators, travel agencies, Icelandic search and rescue ICE-SAR, schools and universities. The training delivery model is tailored and focused on the individual and the group at hand.

The Asgard team combines over 60 years of field and logistical outdoor experience, as guides,  instructors, climbers, skiers, ICE-SAR members, and kayakers. We are individuals with different background, inspirations, and ambitions but share the same vision when it comes to providing safety and quality.

Ever since we started our career as adventure guides, we have been seeking all the available outdoor education in Iceland and partly due to our initiative, certified foreign teachers delivered professional training and certifications. 

Today we have IFMGA certified mountain guides whom lead and teach all our courses as well as fully certified AIMG mountain guides.


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