Perfect choice for individualists

I think it’s the better tour can you make because you are only 4 and it’s perfect for the walk and the iceclimbing. The guide was so nice and he always listen to us and explain so mutch thing about Island. Perfect equipement. Please don’t hesitate and go.

-Lucie, November 2018

Don't miss out on this opportunity!

The entire process with Asgard Beyond was very professional from start to finish. They were in constant communication with us in preparation for the trip. Our guide was extremely professional, friendly and competent. He was very thorough with his explanations when gearing up and explaining safety protocols. He was also very educated and knowledgeable when educating us on the glaciers, and general history of Iceland. We would highly recommend this tour company and if ever we are in Iceland again I will make sure to use them for other excursions as well. Thank you for providing an amazing experience, this was definitely one of the highlights of our trip!

-Caron P, November 2018

Don't miss this!

Experience of a lifetime! We geared up with expert and friendly instruction from Gaddi, then climbed across piles of volcanic ash and rubble right onto the ice to the edge of a very large hole. Gaddi helped us feel confident on the descent and when we got down - wow! The colors in the ice were stunning. Before our trip, the staff, especially Asdis, were patient, helpful and stayed in touch every day about the weather. So happy we had a small group of 4; would not have been nearly as enjoyable if we each had to wait while too many others took their turn. Great customer service and great adventure with a wonderful guide.

-October 2018

Incredible Glacier Walk & Ice Climb

My mom and I recently visited Iceland and spent a day exploring the Sólheimajökull glacier with Asgard guide Iggy. All gear was provided so we didn’t have to stress about renting anything. We had a group of 4 and spent time walking around the glacier and then we all got to try our hang at ice climbing. We really appreciated how informative Iggy was on Iceland and the glacier we were traveling on. Not only did we get to experience a little adventure but we also had the chance to learn a lot about the area and the history of glaciers in Iceland. There were several much larger groups in the area and we were grateful that we had a small group. Couldn’t recommend Asgard Beyond enough!!

-Alexandra, September 2018

Our Best Day in Iceland

If I could give six stars, I would. We took the four-person tour for the glacier hike and ice climbing with our Asgard tour guide Gaddi. This was the best tour we took in Iceland (and we were there for nine days and did many great tours). The day was amazing. While none of us had experience on the ice, Gaddi was an excellent and experienced instructor, and we were all able to climb several tall ice walls. It truly was the experience of a lifetime. 
Thank you, Asgard and Gaddi. I can’t recommend you enough to others.

-Jerry, August 2018

Amazing Climbing!

The Ice Climbing and Glacier Hike was by far the single best thing we did in Iceland. The guide was a really chill, fun dude who was super comfortable taking newbies from South Florida and showing them the ropes of ice climbing. The views were absolutely astounding, and the small group size meant that we all got a decent amount of time on the walls along with being able to actually have conversations with the guide. Hands down the best experience I had in Iceland and would sign up again in a heartbeat.

-Garret, August 2018

Thrilling hike with expert guide

Our experience walking and climbing Sólvallajökull Glacier was above and beyond expectation. Our guide, Kiddi, took four novices and taught us to rappel and climb. It was so much fun and we felt completely safe. Highly recommended!



-Alain, August 2018

Excellent tour for the entire family!

My family did the 3 Day small group sightseeing tour to Husafell, the Golden Circle, and the South Coast with tour guide, Raggi. The tour was fantastic and Raggi was so accommodating and patient, we fell in love with Iceland instantly. HIGHLY RECOMMEND! 

To give some background, my group consisted of 6 people, including a couple of senior citizens and a 4 year old. My husband and I enjoy hiking and various outdoor activities. We were able to make the tour private just for us and Raggi modified the tour to accommodate our pace and interest. We never felt rush and were able to fully enjoy every destination/activity. 

-Stephanie, July 2018

Great small group tour with our family

Thor and Kiddy were so attentive and courteous during our glacier hike and climb! They accomodated all the needs of our group from our younger adventurers to our older ones. The glacier is quite the experience while in Iceland. They give you all the needed equipment and knowledge to see it all safely!

-July 2018

Amazing experience with amazing guide

The day hiking the glacier with our guide, Disco, was beyond fantastic. It was our favorite activity in Iceland, and we would highly recommend it. Disco shared his great knowledge of the glacier in an engaging, easy-to-understand way. He was very open to our questions.
It's just an awe-inspiring experience, and we felt very safe being led by Disco. 
We also enjoyed stopping at Skógafoss.

-June 2018

Excellent day trip!

We went on the glacier hike day trip tour with Asgard Beyond and it was absolutely the best thing we did in Iceland. We arranged the trip last minute due to weather changes, and the group was accommodating with our reservation. One of the best things about this trip was that it was a small group; it was myself, my partner, and another traveler with one guide- Gardar, who was amazing! When we got to the glacier, we realized how many large groups there are, and our small group was so personalized and it allowed us to really hike the glacier. We went farther up than any other tour and we got to really explore and even experiment with some ice climbing. Gardar was knowledgable and I felt incredibly safe in his hands. The tour felt very individualized and intimate. The sights were beyond beautiful. An added bonus was that the price includes use of very sturdy hiking books and rain gear, which were in great condition. The transportation is door-to-door and in a very comfortable van. I would definitely recommend this group!

-Kate, March 2018

Book this one!

This is surely the best way to experience the glacier. Being in a group of only four meant that our excellent and very experienced guide (Jon) was able to give us his full attention and answer all our questions. The hike was a great combination of learning new skills and being surrounded by the most stunning scenery.

-Philip, March 2018

Perfect choice for individualists

Researching for someone offering glacier hikes in small groups, our pick was Asgard Beyond. Very good choice to make! 
That day my husband and I were even so lucky as to be the only clients on that trip – so we had the experienced, friendly, instructive and all along fun guide Jón all to ourselves. The pick-up at 8am was dead on time, the 2 hrs drive to the glacier enjoyable and informative and on-site Jón gave us a thorough introduction on the equipment. The glacier boots and crampons Asgard provides make for a perfect step on the ice. The hike was awesome and we spent full 4 hours at, on and even a short while in the glacier. Jón deliberately took us off the beaten paths and as far away from other groups as possible. Just what we wanted at this magical place. Jón’s little lessons in abseiling were pure fun and we felt save at all times. Also his explanations on glaciers in general and the Sólheimajökull glacier in particular were compelling. The whole trip was timed so well that after the hike we got to the nearby Skógafoss waterfall just in time before sunset – perfect light! On our drive back to Reykjavík Jón provided all sorts of additional information for our adjacent days on our own that should turn our immenseliy helpful. We can very much recommend to go on a trip with Asgard Beyond because quality, effort, attitude could not be better. Thank you, Jón, for a perfect island glacier day!

-Andrea, Feb 2018

A memory for life!

Super knowledgeable and competent guides - professionals all the way from booking to the actual trip. We felt safe on the whole trip. A huge experience. We were on private south coast and glacier trip monday d. 12 / 2-2018 - An experience for life, with ice climbing for the whole family. Our best recommendations for Asgard Beyond.

-Christina, Feb 2018

Totally breathe taking!

This is a must experience. It was great to be in a small group (4) where we were picked up from our exact hotels, not a bus stop, and got to hike and rope down the glacier. We had already done a southern tour of Iceland but was not allowed to actually climb on the glacier so we were so excited to be able to do this. Our guide was amazing, knowledgeable and professional on the glacier. Go and do it!

-Perth, Jan 2017

Disco Rocks on the Rock!
Disco was our most fabulous guide for our guided glacier walk....we are a family of four with a 12 year old and a 10 year old and we all had a great experience. Disco got us all set at the meeting point with high quality/comfortable hiking boots, crampons, helmets, axes and also had optional rainwear. Not only did Disco have a nice touch with the kids, he was also so full of information about the glacier and the volcano underneath it that we all left the tour with a real understanding of what exactly we had been walking on. Our two kids were engaged the entire time, and even though we ran over our allotted time, we never felt rushed. Having just the four of us with a guide was definitely the best choice--we saw many large groups going up and down the glacier and I feel pretty confident they didn't get as much out of their tour as we did. Thanks Disco!

Amazing Glacier Experience

A friend and I were lucky enough to book the glacier hike when we were in Iceland last week (12/20) and it was definitely the highlight of the trip!! Our guide Gaddi was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. Since we were a small group we were able to spend a lot of time going all over the glacier! I would definitely recommend this trip to family or friends!

-Tim, Dec 2017

Best part of our trip!

The 'Ice Climbing and Glacier Hiking' day tour with Asgard Beyond was definitely the highlight of my trip to Iceland!

I got picked up from my Reykjavik hotel and off we went to the South of Iceland to take on Sólheimajökull glacier. 

We got all kitted out with a harness, crampons and helmet, went over safety features before we set foot on the glacier. Our brilliant! guide Gulli was extremely knowledgeable and made us all feel very safe. 

Let me tell you walking on a glacier is quite strenuous, but those crampons certainly do their job!

Reaching the top, it was wonderful to see the raw and unspoilt beauty of Iceland and you really do get to appreciate what is around you. 

At the end of our hike, we came across an ice cave at the top of the glacier covered with black volcano ash. Inside, it was a crystalline universe waiting to be discovered.

Seeing the ice cave and Sólheimajökull glacier, these mesmerising natural wonders in person, was an unforgettable day. Thumbs up to Asgard Beyond for this INCREDIBLE bucket list experience!

The hike itself lasted around three hours, but it was a full day tour. The journey to Sólheimajökull from Reykjavik took approximately 2.5 hours each way.

We took a quick scenic stop at the magnificent Skógafoss waterfall, before we returned to Reykjavik.

Asgard Beyond is your expert for a knowledgable, safe and incredibly memorable hiking experience. They tailor-make trips for small groups aiming to make your dream day tour come true in the Icelandic wilderness. They provide all equipment and hiking boots for you.

Cannot recommend highly enough!

-MargitaGlee, Nov 2017

Solo Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing in Iceland has always been at the top of my list of adventure sports. My experience with Asgard Beyond blew past my expectations; you definitely get what you pay for. John Andreson was a tremendous guide and provided an excellent climb experience on both small ice walls + rappelling into a mulan! I highly recommend Asgard's service over any of the other companies that simply heard cattle around the glacier.

-Plano, Oct 2017

Best part of our trip

I'm the outdoor guy. My wife, nowhere close! Both of us in our early 50's (yikes!) Give her a beach chair at the beach and she would be very content. But she went on this tour with me knowing how much I wanted to do it. This was totally not in her comfort zone. 
We expected to see other people on this tour but when Raggi met us promptly at the hotel we learned we would be the only clients for the day. A long drive to (and subsequently, back from) the the glacier flew by as Raggi educated us on the geology of iceland, glaciers, and volcanos and everything else we wanted to learn about Iceland. 

We stopped off along the way and Raggi suggested we use the bathroom facilities first, before grabbing a snack. Like he predicted, three busloads of tourists that obviously had their early morning coffee rolled in swamping bathrooms as we were in checkout line ready to leave. That was an impressive call!

Got to the relatively empty glacier parking lot early and Raggi geared us up. He had an extra pair of climbing boots available for both of us in one size up from what we had told Asgard when booking, and he provided me a ski cap because, of course, I forgot to bring mine from the hotel. He also provided us with rain gear, "just in case."

Now the best part: We start our glacier hike and we get to our first climb. My wife's fears finally get the best of her and she panics at the thought of going vertical. Raggi found an appropriate ice wall and patiently talked her through it and had her climbing the ice wall after giving her step by step instructions! Fist bumps and "Yeahs!" -Never thought I would see my wife with a climbing harness and ice hammers on the side of an ice wall!

Our glacier walk continued and we visited other climbing locations. At one point, we got to a really wide and deep crevasse and Raggi set me up for a memorable climb up the crevasse wall. Actually, got to climb it twice! Cool! Could not help but notice how jealous many of the other "glacier hike" tourists were! 

I could go on and on, but in short, this day was the best part of our trip. Asgard is a class act, professional, and with Raggi as our guide, we felt we were hiking with a family friend who happens to be an experienced and knowledgeable glaciologist and ice climber.
We can not recommend highly enough.

-August 2017

Best experience in Iceland

My best friend and I had an incredible experience with John today. We didn't want to be with a tour that had massive groups of hikers and are so glad we chose Asgard! 
John is full of knowledge and experience. We learned so much and did so in a pace and manner that was suited to our abilities. 
This is a definite highlight of our trip and will be remembered fondly.
We'd highly recommend this tour with Asgard if you are looking a wonderful experience with a guide committed to safety and excellence.

-Darsy H, July 2017

Glacier hike and ice climbing

Asgard are professional and highly skilled mountaineers with years of experience. I did a one day solo glacier hike with Jon who was very friendly and informative. My first ice climb was scary to say the least but I was in trusted hands and Jon made it a very memorable experience. I will be back.

-Thomas T, July 2017

Train with the best

Just finished 4 days of glacier guide training with Jón Heidar and Róbert. Not just top-quality instruction, but four days of brilliant fun as well.
The course is well thought-out, perfectly executed, and comprehensive. It is a first-step course, but it goes way beyond just the basics. The guides are not only extremely proficient and experienced climbers and guides, they are also terrific teachers. They think and adapt quickly to both the various students' skill levels and the constantly changing terrain.
Whether you are looking to increase your glacier skill-set, want to find the perfect terrain for challenging ice climbing or just searching for some first-class guiding, I can not recommend Asgard any more highly.

-Eric W, April 2017

South Iceland glacier experience

Just had the most amazing experience in Iceland! I've been to Iceland before, but this was by far the best day trip. Our guide, Raggi, took us on an amazing glacier hike earlier than other tour groups so we had the whole glacier to ourselves. It was amazing. Then on to the two waterfalls and black sand beach. Raggi was so informative and made this trip on a cold, rainy day very delightful! Would definitely recommend this trip with Asgard Beyond and they're the company that I will call for my next trip to Iceland.

March 2017

Amazing Experience!

Loved this company! We booked a glacier hike outing and it was one of the best things I've done. Our guide, Raggi, was so knowledgeable and fun. He took us on an incredible glacier hike, a trip to black sands beach, and 2 waterfalls. 
We went on a rainy day but it didn't matter. The company provides you with rain gear, boots, clamp ons, and ice pick. They keep the group very small and try to get there before all the tour buses do, leaving you with a very private and more enjoyable experience. 
This was worth every penny and one of the best things in Iceland to do. I would definitely book with them again!

-Jenn M, March 2017

Ice Climbing in Iceland

Robbi Halldórsson took us for two day ice climbing trip. Conditions were difficult, it was very warm, but still we climbed a lot on both days. We were introduced to easily accessible crag near Reykjavik as well as wild place further north. Robbi has found accommodation for us in a wild countryside where we stayed for 3 more days and climbed.

Robbi printed maps for us and gave us a lot of advice for days that we were climbing on our own. This information was as good as a climbing guidebook. I think that he went well beyond of what was expected by two days guided trip.

Robbi climbs at internationally top level and his experience and competence is impressive. He is friendly and local to Iceland. He is perfect guide.

I strongly recommend Asgard Beyond to anybody looking for guided climbing, mountaineering and hiking in Iceland.

-Andrzej, March 2017

Fun day ice climbing

We went ice climbing with Robbi from Asgard Beyond on December 30th, well aware that we were going to have limited daylight. He picked us up at 8 am and drove us safely to Sólheimajökull in very difficult wind and snow conditions. There we met up with two girls from the US who completed our small group.
The rental gear Asgard provides is top notch and I was happy to see that they had the same gear I had chosen to buy for myself, making me confident that I made the right choice.
Robbi started us out on a smaller and not quite vertical ice wall. First we practiced the footholds without the ice axes. Then we roped up and climbed the wall. He was very good at assessing out skill level and making suggestions to improve our climbing. In addition he provided lots of information about the glacier and answered all of our questions.
Next he lowered us into a crevasse and we then climbed back up. Being lowered down was a little tricky at the beginning, but Robbi was the perfect teacher: well-prepared, patient, reassuring and funny. He also provided a secure spot for the people who were taking pictures which I though was pretty cool.
We hiked a bit further up on the glacier to try a bigger crevasse. He gave us a choice how far we wanted to go down, since the starting point at the bottom was slightly overhanging. My boyfriend opted for the full distance, I started a bit higher up. This tour was more challenging, since we were starting to get tired and while my ice axe work improved I started having more trouble with my footholds. I did this route twice and my boyfriend three times, then we were done for the day.
We chatted walking back down the glacier to the parking lot. Then Robbi took us back to Reykjavík with a stop at Skógafoss and a quick snack stop at Hvolsvöllur. After he had dropped us off my boyfriend noticed that he had left his cellphone in the car. We gave him a call and he brought it back over for us the next day. Exemplary customer service :-)
What I liked best about this tour apart from the great guiding and the small group size was all of the information Robbi shared with us about the glacier, ice climbing and Iceland in general and his patience with my beginner's attempts at Icelandic conversation. I feel I have made progress in my ice climbing compared to last year both technically and with the number of routes I managed and if I can fit it in during my next winter tour I think I'll try frozen waterfall climbing with Asgard next.

-Kim Thieman, Dec 2016

Ice Climb + Hike on Solheimjokull

It was supposed to rain and be quite windy the day of our trip, but our guide, Kiddy, told us we would still go unless it became unsafe. Turned out that the rain and wind held off and our group were completely alone on the glacier. Couldn't have asked for a better experience, it was only us and another couple so there wasn't much standing around and waiting. Our guide let us explore but kept us safe, even kept a good humor when I got tangled up in the line while climbing. Our group had all never climbed before and wore out after just one attempt (or maybe just acted like it to make me feel better haha), so Kiddy showed us some other features on the glacier for the remainder of the day. Really great day, highly recommend!

    -Rachel S, October 2016

    Great excursion, would recommend

    Very much enjoyed our excursion. Robert was our guide - he was very informative and made it a good trip. His knowledge of the glacier was extensive. It was well organised and all of the equipment that was provided was perfect. The day of our trip was quite wet, but the equipment we had meant it was not an issue. The glacier and landscape was fantastic and overall it was a trip that I would very much recommend. I believe it's a lot better to be part of a smaller group as is the case with Asgard, as you have a chance to see more and have a more comprehensive guided experience.

    -Cian P, October 2016
    Professionalism incarnate!
    We went out in a group of four with Raggi onto the glacier. Raggi was really good at inspiring confidence and explaining all the important elements of ice climbing. The important thing was the group size. With only four people this does not feel like a mass produced tourist experience. We passed groups of 12 plus people and I am so glad we werent in a tour like this. The qualifications of the guides allow them to choose their own path and go where they think things will be best. 
    Getting lowered into a Moulin (hole right through the Glacier) was an experience I will never forget and climbing back out an awesome challenge. 
    Thank you so much Raggi and Asgard Beyond, you are Awesome of the highest order.
    -Tandri, October 2016

    They plan everything perfectly!

    It was really amazing! First i liked that it´s a small group of 4 people so we could move more freely than a big group, we left in perfect time so when we went to the glacier we didn't see many other people. Guide was really amazing and he showed us how to climb on ice. Ihad never done in my life any climbing but after instruction i managed to do even the advanced climb which by the way is incredibly amazing! Would highly recommend this company, they plan everything perfectly!

    -Eugenija St, September 2016

    Ice Climbing on Solheimajokull

    This. Was. Awesome!! An unbelievable experience doesn't even do this justice. Our guide was Robert, "Robbie" to Glenn, and he made the trip for sure. Incredibly knowledgable on the glacier, Iceland and ice climbing. After a quick tutorial on how to use crampons and our ice axes, we were lowered down to some crazy beautiful crevices with waterfalls and mirrored ice walls. I thought we were just walking around on the glacier, but boy was I misguided. (By my wife, never by Robert). He was super helpful and a great teacher as well as encourager. I would recommend this trip to any one looking for an incredible adventure. This experience made our quick trip to Iceland, best thing by far.

    Definitely go with Asgard, who are super helpful, timely with responses and on point with everything. Top of its class for a reason. You get what you pay for. Other worldly!!!!! Thanks again Robert, my wife and I had a blast even though she out climbed me. :)

    -K8303QSseanr, September 2016

    Highlight of our trip

    Thank you Jón, Ásdís Dögg, and Guðjón for our amazing adventure. Asgard Beyond exceeded our expectations! This was the highlight of our trip!

    -Jay Musoff, July 2016

    First volcanic glacier hike

    We had 3 of us on the hike, two 50 year olds and a 22 year old. It was such a wonderful tour! Had an educated and passionate tour guide, Reggie, who guided in addition to educating us about the landscape and history of the glacier. It was the best part of our trip. We came from Reykjavik and the drive was 2 hours one way but was worth it. Reggie was an excellent guide, patient with the group hiking levels, and made sure we all had a great experience. Although they are a relatively new company, you would never know it. Everything was as advertised and more!!

    -jackie t, July 2016

    Cool Experience - Glacier Hike and Falls

    Just 3 of us with our guide, one of the company owners. Friendly, knowledgeable. It's quite a drive from where we stayed but the scenery is beautiful. Got to hike on the glacier (sad part is how fast it is receding in length and depth). Very interesting. We drank from a clear, stream of glacier water and rapel back to the edge of an extremely deep Moulin. Stopped at several gorgeous waterfalls and the area where the 2010 volcano eruption hit hard on the way home. Highly recommend!

    -PAMechMom, July 2016

    Glacier Hike

    A wonderful day with a very knowledgeable guide.

    It was so beautiful. It ended up just being my husband and Myself. One of the best days ever.

    -marthac1091, July 2016

    Simply amazing

    Glacier Hike @ 26th June, ended up being just two of us! This relatively young, quality-oriented company has delivered what they've claimed; prompt communications that resolve your pre-tour doubts and concerns, fine gears that keep you warm and dry on the ice, and, most importantly, knowledgeable guide who's willing to make extra efforts and time to make this Journey one of your unforgettable lifetime experiences by fulfilling what you had wished for, well......going into an Ice cave in June for example...LOL, whilst keeping you safe and well-taken care of throughout the whole Journey. The only regret of this trip has been the absence of super blue ice due to seasonality, but perhaps this is the exact reason for us to come back during winter times and have another go with Asgard. Thank you so much, team Asgard.

    -Bo-gang T, June 2016

    Family of 3

    We had a fantastic day with our guide from Asgard Travel. While weather prevented us from doing a glacier hike/ice climb as planned, we toured the South Coast with a great guide who was extremely knowledgeable, resourceful and helpful. He worked at the perfect pace for us. This day was one of our favorites in Iceland.

    -adpesq, June 2016

    Amazing glacier hike

    Superb experience, I'm so glad we booked a glacier hike with Asgard Beyond. Gaddi our tour guide was great, made us feel safe and was really informative. I learned a lot about the glacier and Iceland too. It was great being in such a small group, it let us go at our own pace and felt like we had the glacier to ourselves most of the time! It was much better than being in a large group and well worth the extra money, plus decent boots and equipment were provided which is useful when you are travelling with hand luggage. Would highly recommend!

    -Fiona M, June 2016

    Fantastic experience

    My wife and I booked a glacier hike with Gaddi on Saturday, 11th June, which ended up being just the three of us. Gaddi was extremely knowledgable, friendly, patient and professional. We had a fantastic day glacier hiking for the very first time and I would highly recommend booking this activity through Asgard - Beyond when visiting Iceland. The early start was appreciated, which meant we avoided the other, larger groups and almost had the glacier to ourselves. Asdis was very helpful when we made our booking and provided us with all the answers to all our questions. Asgard also provide you with quality equipment, which is a big bonus and was greatly appreciated. Fantastic experience!

    -Steven H, June 2016

    Check that off the bucket list!

    I loved the fact that it was a small group, so the hike was tailored to the people in the group. Our tour guide, Gaddi was so professional and extremely knowledgeable and skilled. The weather was cooperative, and the views were spectacular! I also leanred a lot about glaciers! I had never been on a glacier hike before and my hiking skills minimal at best, but I always felt safe, and was challenged just enough to make this be one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life! I would do this again in a heart beat and have been talking about this tour since I have gotten back home. I didn't even know this experience was on my "bucket list" until I was finished, I just wanted to do something different, and it sure was different!

    -Liz P, June 2016

    Incredible experience!

    The glacier hike would not have been the same without Raggi. He was by far the best tour guide we ever had. Really thoughtful and always made sure we were safe. The trip was comfortable and we learned many things about all the places we went. Totally recommend Asgard!

    -GabyDz, June 2016

    Asgard provided tailored trips for our family with kids aged between 6 and 14. Everyone had a fantastic time, there was flexible planning around the weather and for food and toilet stops etc. All kit provided even spare waterproofs. Our guide was a gem, knowledgeable, patient, and charming. Highly recommended.

    -tongclan, June 2016

    Glacier hike

    Amazing tour!!! Ragnar, our tour guide, was extremely knowledgeable and skilled in his leading us on this great experience of hiking the glacier. I highly recommend this company as it will be a small group and the quality is so much better than a big company. The price is a little more, but by the time you add the rentals of the equipment with the other company, it is the same price so by far worth going with Asgard!!!!
    The pickup is in a nice comfy van and again, I cannot say enough great things about Ragnar. He made our time so enjoyable and it was an experience we will never forget!!!

    -jillcbasile, April 2016

    Fantastic Experience!
    As a habitual traveller to Iceland, I have been fortunate to experience many of the natural wonders of the country. The Glacier Hike did not disappoint. The combination of an extremely informative guide, small group scenario (2 plus guide) and amazing weather made the day trip to the glacier both extremely interesting and very personalised.

    I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn more about the natural changes occurring to the glaciers and have an exhilarating trip.

    10/10 rating

    -Hugh W, April 2016

    Unique experience!

    As the glacier is melting and changing every time, it is always a different tour; but these guys still know exactly what they're doing and are willing to give you the ultimate experience. I'm so glad we booked the tour with them! Actually, it was a recommendation from a friend and he was right, it was awesome!
    Thank you so much!

    -NellyMartinez, April 2016

    Glacier hike

    Brilliant. When we booked the trip we had no idea what we were had signed up to... In a good way!

    Firstly, no big groups. There were only the three of us (they only do small groups). This meant comfort and flexibility, but most importantly individual attention. Everything was arranged to also miss the big groups and bus tours. We got in ahead of the bigger groups and for most of the trip practically had the glacier to ourselves!

    Second, expertise. Our guide, Raggi, was a wealth of information. His knowledge and expertise made this trip a particularly fantastic experience. He shared his years of experience and academic study to really help us understand the local geology which was deeply interesting and set him apart from many other guides I've encountered over the years. He is so passionate about what he does.

    Lastly, fun. The approach was relaxed and a lot of fun. 

    If you get the opportunity to take a trip with these guys, take it. They will tailor trips for you, so you can organise your time to do exactly what you want, at your pace,

    -Emer H, April 2016

    Glacier hiking on Sólheimajökull

    I can only recommend a tour with Asgard. 3 of us went for a glacier walk and it was so interesting and personalised. No big group - just the 3 of us. We saw loads of group of 20 going on the glacier, I can not see how they can appreciate the beautiful scenery like that.

    -Sylvie M, April 2016

    Glacier hike and ice climbing in Iceland

    If your in Iceland this small, cute fantastic company is the one you want to go with! They do amazing trips. I went Ice-hiking and Ice-climbing and this is the most amazing thing I've done in Iceland,and I'm from Iceland :-)
    The guide that we had was amazing with years of experience witty and funny and had loads of stories, as well a good storyteller.
    They will provide you with overalls, boots, helmets and axes. Just remember to dress properly, it can get cold but at the same time hot when your walking especially in the sun.
    I am going again, for sure!

    -Hrefna, January 2016

    Glacier hike

    One of the most amazing experiences. We booked (daughter and mum) a trip with no climbing!
    We choose the private tour which included 4 young guys from America looking for adventure who were firstly disappointed by not doing climbing and having a very middle aged person keeping them back
    BUT Ali our guide was truely amazing, he was patient, informative but most important he was reassuring and confident. We were able to take out time on climb up, whilst he kept the guys entertained with stories and photo opportunities 
    I would have to recommend this trip for everyone, I coped with asthma. And was not made to feel isolated or even a hinderance. The views were out if this world. Ali our guide was slightly less confirmative and we travelled paths not previously travelled much to the delight of our American friends
    Ali was simply *5 star. Thank you for I never thought I could or would ever do something like this. I DID

    -Gerry Hammer, April 2016

    "Awesome trip, would definitely recommend"

    I think we choose the worst week to travel! All the northern lights trips and day tours were cancelled due to bad weather! But luckily we were signed up with these guys and they gave us the option to switch to the full day tour to gain more from our experience. We were extremely grateful as we were only in Iceland for a limited amount of time and had other tours booked on other days. Communication was excellent! Staff were helpful, friendly and knowledgeable! We had a fantastic trip despite the weather and would recommend to anybody! Thank you for having us Asgard Beyond!!

    -Woody, March 2016

    Ice climbing tour at Sólheimajökull glacier

    I had the BEST time ice climbing at Sólheimajökull Glacier with my guide, Robbi! E-mail communication with Asdis beforehand to arrange the trip went very smoothly, and Asdis was prompt and very friendly in his replies.

    I rock climb, but I have never ice climbed before, and so there was so much I wanted to know about ice climbing. Robbi is a very knowledgeable and experienced ice/rock climber, and we talked a lot about ice climbing, waterfall ice climbing, and rock climbing during the day. But his knowledge doesn’t stop there…we talked about Iceland’s financial crisis, Iceland’s history, geothermal energy, American politics, shows/movies filmed in Iceland, and many more topics. I was so impressed with what a wealth of information he is! When I travel, one of the things I enjoy most is interacting with the locals, and Robbi was a great guy to spend the day with.

    As for the ice climbing, there don’t seem to be many companies that run ice climbing tours not far from Reykavik. It’s an expensive activity, but it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me, and so worth it. You get what you pay for – a highly knowledgeable and experienced guide who provides you with an amazing experience, and a company that uses top-notch new equipment (Scarpa hiking/climbing boots, Black Diamond ice axes, sturdy/sharp crampons, harness, helmet, etc.). Robbi provided very clear explanations to teach me how to ice climb, gave me tips/encouragement while climbing, and he even took photos/video of me as I climbed!

    I was the only person on the tour that day, and so I had my own private excursion. During the drive from Reykjavik to the glacier, I asked if he could stop if we saw any Icelandic horses, and he obliged. He also stopped so I could take photos of the Eyjafjallajökull volcano. On the glacier, he never rushed me as we walked from one climbing spot to another, and he took photos of me whenever I asked. I could not have wished for a better day! If I should return to Iceland, I would definitely try to book another trip with Robbi and Asgard Beyond. Perhaps rock climbing in the summertime... :-)

    -Mike, February 2016

    "Heart racing glacier hike"

    For a number of reasons this trip simple takes your breath away, at the very last minute having been let down by a trip booked with Thomson's holidays our hotel reception found the Glacier Hike trip for us at 10.30pm the evening before (we'd only just found out the other was off) Our little party was hubby & I, neither of us what I'd class as fit, and our companions two young students, and our guide, who was not only very knowledgeable about the area, but made us novices feel extremely comfy, the saying early bird catches the worm, well we were the only ones on the the Glazer up to about noon when all of a sudden there seemed to have been a few coach parties turn up. I have to say that being a group of 4 was perfect because when we needed to slow down or wanted to take yet more photos we all just stopped and waited. I hate to say I forgot his name, but if your reading this - have you fixed your windscreen yet :D This last minute not planned trip was heart pumping heart racing & breath taking for every reason you can imagine, my legs are still aching two days later, but worth every ache, don't thing twice about if your fit enough, if you can walk up a flight of stairs a few times before you get out of breath - you MUST do this trip

    -Suzy, March 2016

    Northern light tour

    We went on the Northern lights and glacier your. Was only us in a super jeep and the guide was great. On the glacier, there by ourselves and then went off road hunting Northern lights. Great little company and made the trip feel special!

    -Trent Bulgin, January 2016

    Glacier hiking day trip with northern lights

    My family and I had a wonderful day trip to the Sólheimajökull outlet glacier. Our knowledgable, friendly guide Robbi was an absolute delight. The meal we ate at Skógarfoss was delicious. Despite Robbi's best efforts, the Northern lights did not show up for us that evening but all in all a great day!

    -Beth, January 2016

    "Awesome day trips including ice climbing"

    My climbing guide was just brilliant - a knowledgeable pro climber who was easy going, yet knew everywhere and everything about the region. Really fun and not a tacky day or cheesy day out - a proper climbing day out. Highly recommended ! Not a typically touristy thing to do - a really memorable high-end experience. Cheers Robbi !!

    -Ray, January 2016

    "Best tour company in Iceland"

    My sister and I (ages 26 and 22) travelled to Iceland in November, and wanted an authentic trip that allowed us to experience all things Iceland. Ice climbing on a glacier was the priority on the top of our list, not only because it's adventurous and would provide some adrenaline, but also because a guided tour would allow us to safely experience a glacier in all its majesty, first hand. I did quite a bit of research before booking with Asgardbeyond because we didn't want to pay loads of money for a tour that "babied" us or had a heavy touristy feel. We wanted a real ice climbing experience that challenged us, and gave us the true feeling of what is required to properly climb on ice. Asgardbeyond did not disappoint! Our tour guide, Robbi, was phenomenal. The night before our tour was scheduled, he emailed us detailing that the weather forecasted for the next day was less than ideal. He recommended we push back our tour to the following day, but due to our accommodations/road trip route, my sister and I requested we go out anyways, and just adapt to the nasty weather conditions as best as possible. Although it was a bit of a risk, we wanted to go climbing, so we didn't mind getting a little wet, or being a bit cold. Robbi took great care of us though! He picked us up from our hostel and when we arrived at the glacier the next day, it was apparent that the weather had scared off any/all other tours/tourists. So, the three of us ended up having the entire glacier to ourselves, for the entire day! The whole time Robbi ensured that we felt, and were, safe. He did a great job explaining how all the tools worked, and the logistics and movements required to climb. In addition, he also found genuinely challenging routes that gave us a run for our money! I cannot say enough about this company, and the experience we had. This day/experience is unforgettable. We have recommended it to all our friends, and will recommend this to anyone, at any climbing level!! It is WELL worth the money, in fact, we both felt it was a great deal when we considered the entire day and how amazing Robbi and our experience was. One final, great aspect, was that Robbi was so patient and even willing to adhere to our numerous requests throughout the day to take photos of us on our camera. You'll be a fool not to book your ice climbing excursion with this company!

    -Lisa M, November 2015

    "Awesome day trips including ice climbing"

    My climbing guide was just brilliant - a knowledgeable pro climber who was easy going, yet knew everywhere and everything about the region. Really fun and not a tacky day or cheesy day out - a proper climbing day out. Highly recommended ! Not a typically touristy thing to do - a really memorable high-end experience. Cheers Robbi !!

    -Fen Ra, January 2016

    Private waterfall ice climbing

    "Excellent! I have spent 2 quality days waterfall ice climbing with Robbi from Asgard in the Christmas break (as one to one guiding). The weather was not ideal, but the routes Robbi picked to warm up and then progress during two days was excellent. We actually finished last climb in snow blizzard - it was epic! Full professionalism, great knowledge of terrain and great teacher to show you how to get better. I am booking next trip already! If you ever thought about ice climbing then look no further. I can really recommend going one on one. You are just you + guide. That means you will spend most of the day actually climbing and learning new tricks fast and this is all about it if you are short on time and need a quality trip. Well worth it. I have been in a lot of places in Europe, but Iceland is so different that I feel a need to keep coming back now for more. It offers so much and Asgard will help you to explore it to the fullest. Now it sounds like an advert:) but this is what you get when customer is very happy."

    -Marcin, December 2015

    "Perfect end to 2015"

    My two friends and I joined the Glacier Hike on New Years Eve, and we couldn't imagine a better way to spend the last day of the year! First off, I was extremely happy with how friendly and knowledgable our guide, Gaddi, was. He made sure we were properly informed about hiking safety, as well as provided us with the proper gear for the hike. I felt much more comfortable using the hiking boots that Asgard provided than I would have hiking with my own snow boots. They also gave crampons, a helmet, an ice pick, and waterproof pants and jackets to those who needed. Also, Gaddi took the time to share his knowledge about glaciers and how they work, which made the trip even more interesting. We were able to take a look into crevasses and an ice cave, as well as take some amazing pictures.
    Our group was small, only 7 people, which made the experience more personal.
    If you are looking to choose which company to do a glacier tour with, choose Asgard Beyond, you will not be disappointed.

    Thank you to our guide Gaddi and Asgard for such a memorable experience!!!!

    -Kelly Filippone, December 2015

    "What a way to end the year"

    Spent a fantastic day hiking on the Solheimajokull Glacier yesterday. Wanted to say thanks to our friendly and welcoming guide, Gaddi. He answered all our questions with patience and good humour and was sympathetic to our desire to take photos. He was clearly passionate about what he was doing and reassuringly experienced! We were impressed by the quality of the equipment that was provided: 66 North rain gear, Scarpa boots, helmets, crampons, harnesses and ice axes. As Glacier virgins it was great to spend three hours hiking on the glacier, work with ropes and still feel safe. There were some really nice people in our group of seven and if you want a more small group / boutique style trip to sample some of Iceland's natural beauty we would highly recommend Asgard Beyond. Good luck in 2016!

    -Jackie C, December 2015

    Glacier adventure

    Absolutely fabulous! It was astonishing! I never forget the glacier hiking with Asgard Beyond. Great responsibility, high quality of guiding and worth every penny. I highly recommend this company!

    -Doujin K, Dec 2015

    "Unforgettable trip to the glacier, highly recommended!"

    I cannot recommend them highly enough. Avoid the coach trips and experience the real Iceland!

    -Clare R, December 2015

    Glacier hiking on the south coast of Iceland

    Cannot recommend this highly enough. Had a great day out hiking the glacier and stopping off at the waterfall and the beach with famous dead whale. 

    This is definitely a tour where quality of experience is a priority rather than cramming loads of people on a single tour. 

    If you want to have great day out with a friendly and professional guide than this is definitely for you. Do it!! You won't regret it.

    -Charlie Harris, November 2015

    Glacier hiking with sight seeing and superjeep

    "It was a fun experience and we knew we were in safe hands with our knowledgeable guide Jon. We were able to customize where we went based on our interests. I even found some cool wool rugs I bought off a local farmer. Thanks!"

    -Tracy Michaud-Stutzman, October 2015

    One day glacier course at glacier Sólheimajökull

    Excellent glacier course at glacier Sólheimajökull where two great guides from Asgard-Beyond taught us lots about using crampons in glacier hiking, risk assessment in route, chopping steps in the ice and ice climbing. Professionalism, knowledge, friendly and relaxed atmosphere are the highlights of this great day :-) Thanks so much on behalf of Toppfarar, a small mountain hiking club in Iceland.

    -Bára K, March 2015

    Private glacier tour and introduction to ice climbing

    "I am an experienced ice climber and my wife had never ice climbed before. We wanted to experience it together in Iceland. Asgard Beyond provided Robbie as a private guide for our full day outing to Sólheimajökull glacier, about two hours from Reykjavik. Asgard provided transportation and all of the gear (ice axes, crampons, harnesses, ice screws, ropes, etc). We ascended 2-3km up the glacier and setup 3 different 10-15M top roping sites. We were introduced to basic techniques such as knot tying, placing ice screws, fitting crampons, swinging the ice tools and proper foot work. In addition to being an accomplished ice climber in international competitions, Robbie has extensive international certification training. His knowledge of guiding, instruction and safety protocol is comparable with typical European and Canadian standards. My wife was amazed that she could do something like ice climbing, which before she did not believe was possible. We had a great time with Robbie and would recommend Asgard for both experienced and novice climbers."

    -Kishen, March 2015

    Tailored private tour

    "We'd been looking for a day tour to combine a glacier and super jeep experience when we came in contact with Asgard Beyond. They were very flexible and planned the day with regards to what we wanted to do. We were four, so we fit into one jeep with the guide. Our guide for the day was Raggi, with whom we felt very comfortable and could ask almost whatever, regardless of if it was questions on the physical structure of the glacier or on the volcanic history of Iceland, he always had a satisfying answer. After a short stop at Seljalandsfoss we got to Sólheimajökull, where we got a thorough walkthrough on the technique and safety of glacier walking with crampons before continuing up on the ice. Raggi explained the different phenomena of the glacier as we went pass them and before getting down from the glacier we all got to try some ice climbing. After a lunch stop at Skógafoss we got to experience some real super jeep off-road driving; on a black sand beach as well as crossing rivers. During the whole day there was a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere, and we were very well taken care of by Raggi."

    -Gabriella, June 2015

    "Outstanding, fun, professionals. My wife thanks you for bringing me back safe :-) Thank you all for an amazing experience."

    -Hólmgeir Hólmgeirsson, May 2015

    "Let me share my great impressions from the trip you've planned for me on Vatnajokull. It's was great!!. Perfect track and carefull care. I felt really safe. Thanx again and I'll be back."

    -Piotr Pustelnik, June 2015

    "My son and I just returned from an amazing trip to Iceland. Our two days of adventures with Robbi included many of the highlights of our trip. I cannot say enough about our experience with Asgard Beyond; from the planning to the actual trips, it was all perfect. We had the opportunity to ski tour, rock climb and explore lava caves. When we cut short our rock climb, Robbi graciously adapted our day and took us to the lava caves (which we would never have known about otherwise.) Plan a trip to Iceland and connect with Asgard Beyond!"

    -Eric Barstow, June 2015