A Little Bit Of History...


Asgard - Beyond is a professional guiding company that focuses on day trips from Reykjavik, Iceland, multi day trips and custom made experiences. Our drive is creating a professional and safe environment for guests to build the most memorable and profound experiences. 


It all comes down to a simple, shared vision. Team up with great people and build above standard experiences in Iceland and bring back to life the personal authenticity of Iceland’s tourism. Founded by a group of passionate mountaineers and adventurers, Asgard was established as an owner operated, socially responsible organization that focuses on day-tours, multi-day tours and bespoke adventure and mountain tours in Iceland. We do believe that the international’s traveler’s expectations are changing where they are more aware of whom they do business with and the quality of the products. Asgard is focused on local, highly certified guides, high service level and the smallest teams in Iceland.

Asgard – Beyond is an authentic owner-operated mountain guide tourism operator in Iceland.



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