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Ragnar (Raggi) is a Thompson Rivers University bred guide. Being passionate about introducing Canadian mountain guiding professionalism to his home country, he became one of the founders of the Adventure Guide program at Keilir University and other high school programs in Iceland. So he's been breeding his own kind for 3 years now with good reputation, but now letting others take care of the administration so he can attend to his natural habitat. Raggi has 10 years of guiding and serach and rescue ICE SAR experience aswell as instructional experience. His specialities are glacier guiding, educational programs and alpine trekking.

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Robert (Robbi) is a passionate and skilled rock and ice climber, a search and rescue instructor and overall a passionate ski-mountaineer, his background streches back 7 years in the adventure industy and 15 years in the search and rescue scene. Robert is a member of the Associations of Canadian Mountainguides and well on his way pursuing his international mountainguide certification. Roberts field of experteese are climbing and mountaineering.'s picture

Jon is an entrepenour in the Icelandic adventure business, his background streches back more than 20 years in the adventure industry and as a member of Icelandic search and rescue ICE SAR, where he has played a big role in the swiftwater, mountian and glacier disciplines, he is a member of the Association of Canadian Mountainguides ACMG and well on his way pursuing his international mountainguide certification. Jon is also an instructor for Rescue 3 Europe and has taught whitewater rescue and rope rescue for the past 7 years. Jon also was recently accredited by International Rafting Federation IRF as a rafting instructor.

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Garðar is a skiier and paddler at heart, his background in the adventure industry stretches over 10 years in both field and logistical work in Iceland and Greenland. Garðar is an Adventure Guide graduate from Thompson Rivers University and working towards his international Ski guide certification.  Garðars field of experteese are skiing and Greenland logistics.


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Ásdís is an adventurer and a hiking guide with a degree in geology and studies Masters of business administration in the University of Reykjavik. Being the backbone of the company Ásdís has over 10 years of sales and guiding experience in the adventure industry and Search and rescue. Asdís is the general manager and her expertise is in hiking trips.