Environmental Policy

Asgard Beyond is an outdoor activity driven tour operator where nature plays a key role.  Our philosophy is to take good care of our environment and our community to make sure that our future guest and other travelers can experience what nature has to offer by minimizing impact as much as possible.

Responsible Traveling & Social responsibility

As an outdoor operator in Iceland, we know that we are obligated to treat nature with respect and conserve the environment to the best of our ability. We travel in small groups, drive new fuel economic cars, buy local service to stimulate local economies and inform our guests about responsible traveling.

What can you do to contribute to responsible traveling?

  • Stay on marked trails
  • Pack all your garbage and bring back to town for recycling 
  • Pick up litter that is on our way
  • Bring our own refillable water bottles and re-use them
  • Do not drive off-road
  • Buy local products
  • Learn about Icelandic history, culture, and ethics
  • Do not take any natural souvenirs from nature
  • Do not pile up rock Kerins

How can Asgard contribute to the community?

  • Have an ambitious qualification goal for all guides to incentivize education
  • Keep salaries competitive
  • Hire local guides
  • Follow strict company guidelines for responsible traveling and nature preservation 
  • Educate all guests on responsible travel in Iceland

If we all put our best effort into lowering impact on the environment and think of responsible traveling we can preserve Iceland´s unspoiled nature for future generations to enjoy!